The Beauty of Today


I think sometimes we are so focused on tomorrow that we miss today. I guess I’m learning to be present in moments and allow my faith to live in my tomorrows. After all these are the beginning blocks to the tomorrows we dreamt of.  The pursuit of our dreams is the beauty of trying, so I’m counting the days in moments not minutes. In the moments that the courage within me arises I will ride on the wave of that moment and release the words I have held hostage on the tip of my tongue. Freeing the dreams that seem irrational cause if a single flame can be ignited in just one heart I am convinced that a veld fire of hope is on the horizon. So my voice may shake, hey my entire being may be fearful of the possibility of not getting it right but I rob the world of value that I possess each time I shrink back, value hidden like a treasure in my DNA by my Maker. It is not just in me but it is in all of us as we are all created in His image. An Image that is the pinnacle of all solutions to the problems that probe us.  The pursuit of purpose is a journey of self-discovery, discovering the strength that you didn’t think was strong enough, discovering the idea that you didn’t think would be successful, discovering that it’s okay to change your mind, discovering that it’s okay to sometimes not have it all figured out because that births faith, discovering that it is okay to be unique because that is an indication of embracing our true selves, discovering that your story is worthy of being told, that you possess the ability to bring about change, discovery that you too can be great.

Today I saw the sun shine in a sky surrounded by clouds, I learnt how the presence of clouds does not stop your shine, it may not be as bright but it is still there. It sometimes requires conscious thought to remember that although blue skies may not be the backdrop that doesn’t mean it can’t still be beautiful with a little grey. I thought of the ocean and how it brushes the shore in all its strength and majesty, it reminded me of how sometimes in all our strength and passion we have to break our dreams into bite size. With each tide of the waves within us we reach a little further. I listened to the wind and felt it brush against my skin, it reminded me how stillness is not being stationary but it is something that happens within us.

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when the harmony of a life lived in our comfort zone is confronted by the tune of a melody distinct. A melody that doesn’t only tease our ears but grabs our hearts, it has our hearts and souls dancing rhythmically in unison. Somehow without being taught a single lyric to this melody it seems familiar but like nothing we have ever heard before. A tune that could soon become the soundtrack of the rest of our lives. This melody is the sound of a sweet symphony of all creation applauding the awakening of purpose. This moment is a defining moment, that changes the course of our lives and the only compass that can provide some form of direction is the Spirit of God that lives within us. Every belief that we thought we possessed now begins to possess us. Our hearts are taken captive and all selfish pursuits we thought were worthy of our lives are revealed as thieves of a purpose driven life. Our vision is clearer. In this moment the noise of the status-quo is drowned out by the silence that is so loud, of the beckoning of a life lived in its fullness.

I hope to one day write words that make pages come alive so today I choose to write after all we stop living when we stop doing things for fun. This is fun and I hope these words will spur us on in pursuing purpose, in believing in the beauty of our dreams, in living in moments and pausing to take it all in and just doing things for fun. All these little pieces of who we are start making the puzzle of who we are meant to be just a little clearer.  

Sharon O

6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Today

  1. The vision to see, the faith to believe, and the will to do will take you anywhere you want to go – unknown
    don’t stop believing my lady

  2. Aaaah Shazzy!!! ‘This melody is the sound of a sweet symphony of all creation applauding the awakening of purpose’ woow girl! I loved every moment of this read. The imagery is great and the message is clear. Loved it..keep at it hun*

  3. wOw SHAZ i KNEW you have impeccable writing skills but this is beautiful the rhythm, the tone the language all ties in so perfectly and the heart of the writing so real and intense.. Kepp writing friend…You have inspired me

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