I write of a world…


It is indeed true that we cannot afford to remain silent about things that matter. The pen is mightier than the sword is not only a good quote. It speaks of how words can be a band aid to a scar exposed, of how words can be a flicker of faith to a bruised soul. In the eloquence of our sentences could lie LIFE!

I write of a world where scars heal and they begin to signify a battle that intended to kill her but she survived. I write of a world where like ashes after the fires of life, personified in his hand have burnt her, somehow her soul like ashes dancing in the wind, continues to rise! A world where inhumane acts are put to death because children deserve to grow up viewing the world as beautiful not tainted a shade darker , ugly, due to perpetrators who like thieves steal their innocence. Trespassers on territory that is not their own.
I write of a world where tears drawn from wells of pain wash her eyes and make her soul see clear, to see that she is not defined by his cowardice. Is this world a reality? Not entirely but the one reality I’m sure of is your strength. There is a strength engraved in the human soul, to defy odds, circumstances and even what seems like logic.
May each sunrise symbolize the rising of hope, the hope for a better day, the hope that is ashes rising from the fury of fires. I do not know your struggle but I know your strength! You are the beauty in ashes.

Sharon O

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