The lost Art of Ownership


I found myself engaging in a casual conversation with friends on South Africa and the various issues the country faces. We spoke about the people of our country, and being Ugandan by decent in a joking manner I would refer to South African’s as ” their people “.

Perhaps this is the problem we are plagued with as a nation, a lack of OWNERSHIP. We have forgotten that these people, are our people and what people refer to as Africa, is our home.

We have some what become detached from the struggle of our fellow man, segregated by economic disparities. Perhaps we have become desensitised due to our familiarity with social evils, that are so prevalent in our society. We have subconsciously labeled acts of greed as norms of the modern day and marvel at those who stand for integrity as odd.

Ownership changes the way we approach resources, the care with which we address problems and take responsibility. I remember growing up being taught to respect all elders. In a full room it was only natural to stand up and allow an elder to sit down. The few times I would forget I remember mom’s voice , ” imagine if one of your friends treated me that way, how would you feel?”. That continues to be a sober realisation in the respect I try to display in the presence of elders.

Leadership is the foundation of a nation and if the heart is not operating at its optimal the body suffers. I am shocked at the action of leaders, who steal resources allocated to development of rural areas to further indulge excessively in luxuries. So maybe the problem with today’s leadership is that it is too self seeking. This is against the very design of leadership which should exemplify, one guiding a team or group of individuals in the pursuit of mutually beneficial goals. I believe in practicality but I also believe that sometimes the greatest leaders have chosen to abandon the practical for a cause greater them themselves, the people.

I look at men like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and the greatest of these revolutionaries Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus was the epitome of leadership. A “man” who literally died for the cause of His people. Taking on our sinful nature that would result in the restoration of man to God. A friend to the outcast, the poor and the wealthy.

So I choose to take ownership of my dreams and integrate the dreams of others within my own, after all people’s destinies depend on us pursuing our purpose.

Sharon O

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