Dear Old, Dear New, Dear Future


Dear Old

You bare a deep well of memories that often wash over my heart and make it beat slightly out of rhythm.
The spontaneous moments that were priceless, as they were open to expectation, experiencing the unexpected. You taught me the beauty in both sunrises and sunsets. They are mutually exclusive but the one indicates the other is on the horizon.  You bare memories of tears with lessons hidden in the curvature of their caress on my cheeks,treasures. Discouragement from the what if’s, should have beens and could have beens but in the same breath the ability to trust the Architect of my forever.

I frequently find myself reminiscing on the triumphs intertwined in your memory. I saw glimpses of possibilities and pieces of God in the people who Crossed my path. The achievements engraved in the history of yesterday. But see today I can no longer live relative to yesterday. I say goodbye as I read through Isaiah 43 verse 19 ” Behold I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth ; do you perceive and know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. ”

I am grateful ….

Dear New

I am excited. I’m learning to live in the moment and dig deep into the details of each encounter to find significance. I guess this is what some would simply label “over thinking “. The beauty of perspective. I’m learning that life isn’t always black and white. It is the grey that is uncomfortable, that ruffles our feathers and challenges our convictions.

Your like a perfect picture and I’m scared of coloring outside the lines. I am challenged. It’s time that the insights on paper, pages I have read and scriptures I confess become actions. Too often we learn more than we become. I am clay in the Potter’s hands.

There’s no formula to happiness sometimes we just need to choose to be happy.I will make the dreams I dream when I’m wide awake part of my daily existence. That I may not live in the future, having not been present in moments.

I want to empty the balance from my account of life. Spend wisely on things that matter,people. That the wealth of my life may be the gift of Hope.

I am ready….

Dear Future

I am hopeful! It is the possibility of dreams coming true that exhillarates me. POSSIBILITY and the gift of time that you possess. That time accompanied with selfless pursuits could make the world a little better for someone. I do not know much about you but I find peace in knowing God is already there. You have to be great. So many people are depending on you.

I am expectant….

Sharon O

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